About Us

Danish Marine is the result of the North Portland Channel repair yard maturing over the past 30 plus years.  Danish maintains a fun and friendly “family” atmosphere, where most customers immediately feel at ease, that their baby is in good hands.

We talk, live and love being on the water at all levels.

Purchased in 2012 by Lessley Marine, Incorporated, Danish Marine is lead by Victoria and Timm, avid water sport adventurers. Together we have more than 100,000 miles at sea racing and shorthanded deliveries on our yachts California Girl and Freewind.

As boat owners we hate to waste money on “perfect repairs”.

With your permission we provide excellent “service” repairs.

Danish can provide exquisite expensive work… . But that is not in our nature.

We are blessed to also have a number of life enthusiasts on our staff including global travelers, world class endurance horse racers, track stars, ballerinas, tall ship sailors,  musicians, USCG Captains, chefs, and, of course, each one a dedicated craftsman;  including Maile, our Golden Retriever.

If you have a chance, stop by for a visit, let’s plot a course for a very successful adventure preparing your yacht.