Outside Contractor Work in our yard – not usually for work that Danish provides… case by case acceptance.

  1. Outside contractors will require a current insurance certificate issued to  Lessley Marine, Incorporated; dba Danish Marine;
  2. Outside contractors shall check into the office daily and sign the owners work order
  3. The access granted to outside contractors to use our yard is revocable at our discretion, without cause and upon notification
  4. Outside contractors if employed directly by the owner shall reimburse the yard via the owners invoice at a minimum rate of $55 / day per worker
  5. This rate can change with notice based on the scope of work performed
  6. Outside contractors are required to comply with all Danish Marine safety protocols
  7. Outside contractors are admitted into our yard as a courtesy
  8. Any contact with other clients, solicitation, comments or other activities will cause the outside contractor to be removed from premises and loss of all privileges at Danish Marine discretion.