1. Additional charges will be added to process wood boats prior to launch, as well as standby time to insure the boat swells back up and can be released.
  2. Wooden and Special vessels (like house boats or barges) are problematic for our type of sling lift – they can crush.
  3. Owner shall warrant that their vessel is suitable for a slinged lift
  4. Owner indemnifies and holds Danish Marine harmless of any lifting event the owner requests
  5. Owner shall notify Danish Marine if the yacht requires additional slings to support any point loading conditions of a slinged lift on their boat
  6. Wooden boat may require padding and dunnage to distribute loads at fragile areas at Danish discretion.
    1. As we do not survey these locations, we take care to reduce damage, and offer no guarantee or warrantee that the location will be suitable and survive the lifting process
  7. Owner has and will carry any and all personal liability and insurances to mitigate any hoisting operation or failure to hoist caused by the failure of the structural integrity of a wooden vessel, unless owner commissions a licensed naval architect to certify such a lift
  8. Owner will notify Danish if their wooden vessel requires any special care; instructions to avoid / minimize wood boat issues.
    1. Such as shrinkage, dry rot
    2. watering / moisture control
  9. There is no warranty or expertise implied, expressed or inferred as to the safe keeping or handling of wooden boats and special vessels by Danish Marine.