Insurance certificate required prior to any outside contractor work.

General Yard Rate; includes normal consumables  $  98/mhr
Operated Equipment Hourly Rate (forklift or JLG man lift)  $ 115/mhr
Rigging crew using Travelift – 2 man crew with 35t Travelift; mast, trailer fitting, misc. lift. $ 225/chr
Technician Rate; systems, rigging, specialty $ 115/mhr
Fiberglass/Gelcoat Repair Rate, includes normal consumables  $125/mhr
One Way Lift or Survey Lift; no blocking  $  8/loa
Two Way / round trip Haul Out (3)  $ 15/loa
WarpSpeed Technical Race Bottom – SeaSlide® Application  $ 12/loa
Block Boat per loa (length over all) foot, includes environmental sheeting below the boat.  $ 58/10 loa
Pressure Wash of bottom and freeboard rinse  $  3.50/loa.
Laydays (2) For each day there is no work authorized there is a charge to be stored safely on land in an active work station. This charge is per foot per day.  $ 4.25/ft/dy
Owner’s Contractor Daily Charge(1)  $55/manday
Shore Power @ 15 amps available – continuity not guaranteed 24/7  $ 10/day


Bottom Paint Primer

Bottom paint is anti-fouling or “Bug repellent”.

Bottom anti-fouling is not waterproof,  it is a soft and frail coating not much stronger than an egg shell. It does not provide any mechanical protection; it is simply an applied repellent to reject creatures that want to live on your hull – few of these exist in fresh water

Expect 3-5 years life in fresh water – a shorter 2-3 years in cold salt water and even shorter 1 season in warm tropical waters.

Bottom paint will only adhere to the boat only as well as the preparation or old coating is adhered. To insure the “perfect bottom” all anti-fouling must be removed; This removal is between 1.0 and 1.5 hours per foot of additional sanding – not included in the standard painting price. Most clients, including ourselves do not choose to add this cost to the bottom anti-fouling. Please advise us if you are this particular, so we may quote this additional cost for your acceptance.

Standard paint preparation is accepted by the acceptance of the standard anti-fouling unit cost as a hard pressure wash to remove organics and loose paint, then 80 grit sanding in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

Current “ECO” paints perform poorly in every aspect – Danish Marine does not recommend or warranty this infant technology.

Some Slime resistant (SR) anti-fouling (an additional cost) can reduce but not stop algae or grass growth; these reduce slime for a 2 year range during their 3-5 year fresh water life. It should also reduce the work required to clean the organics from the surface of the hull.

Hull cleaning is a semi yearly or yearly task to remove some anti-fouling surface and any attached organic buildup.

Ablative anti-fouling is designed to slough (“dissolve”) off during its life of 2-4 years. Sounds bad, but is engineered to save thousands of dollars verses paint sanding off.

Hard anti-fouling requires sanding off at considerable expense (@ 1.5 hours per LOA foot) once  3-6 layers are applied. If not removed the multi-coated anti-fouling will mud crack, de-bond and flake away in sections. Multiple layers / seasons of hard anti-fouling will fall off – no matter the quality of anti-fouling applied.

Standard Bottom anti-fouling job, per foot:  Includes haul out/lift, fan pressure wash to remove organic material, scuff sanding, rinse the bottom and hull, courtesy inspection of anodes, cutlass bearing, shaft, rudder, propeller, through hulls and transducers, Taping of established waterline, two coats of  $100 per gallon maximum paint of your choice, second hoist to paint pad and blocking areas, then launch -or- place on trailer Paint can be upgraded by simply asking and agreeing to the difference between $100 per gallon allowance and the desired paint cost.

See note(4)

****first time bottom painting – please call  ($80 to $120 and more/loa foot depending on hull types, condition and selection of  “budget, good, better and best” systems). Price range is dependent on the ability of the surface to be prepared to accept anti-fouling (Aluminum – sandblast; Glass boat hull de-waxing- acid wash, soap wash, solvent wash, multiple sanding and bead testing potentials, and then at least one coat of epoxy primer tie coat.

 $ 36.50 / ft.

2016 rates subject to change as taxes, rent and insurance climb, unfortunately.



(1) Outside Contractors shall not perform work typically performed by Danish Marine.

  • Additionally Insured insurance certificate is required of owners subcontractor  and
  • all Danish Marine safety requirements shall be adhered to by contractor.
  • Right of removal of contractor from site without cause is retained by Danish Marine for actions that are deemed unethical or not in compliance with Danish Marine practices.

(2)  Danish Marine is a small working boatyard, with no storage space available. Each location is a work station. If a boat is in a station without any work to be performed,  there is a per day charge. The charge is per length over all (LOA) foot per day until the 4th week of inactivity. At this point vessels may be moved at any expense or disposed of at owners cost and / or request. If you foresee a lengthy stay, then please advise up front so we may assist you with a long term arrangement that would be more affordable.

(3) Large, Wooden, or Special Boat Fee – such as Special lift rigging and blocking; by the hour; $150.00 minimum additional charge each lift for set-up and breakdown, each way. If a wooden boat is launched, it is $205 per hour minimum during soak stage. Wooden boats cannot be relaeased from slings until the boats bilge pumps can keep up with the leaking, and owner confirms acceptance upon payment of the bill.

(4) Bottom Anti-fouling Price includes haul out or trailer unload, pressure wash, blocking boat, 60-80 grit scuff sanding, two coats of antifouling (house standard or equal) and launch to water or trailer.

  • Bottom job prices are based upon the existing anti-fouling being well adhered and the hull is in good condition.
    • Or that the client accepts a substandard surface.
    • Requesting the standard unit cost is clients acceptance of the surface condition of the boat as found.
  • Extra sanding to remove flaking paint will be billed at the yard labor rate if desired.
  • Customer will be advised before extra sanding is performed.
  • Bottom anti-fouling upgrades can be requested at an additional charge; credit for base anti-fouling to be credited to the upgrade anti-fouling cost.
  • Blister repair will be an additional charge to be estimated.
  • Hard anti-fouling cannot go over ablative, ablative anti-fouling requires removal via additional sanding if this is desired, some ablatives recommend any residual ablative removed, if this is required then it is understood to not be part of the base price..

Contact us at (503) 289-1436 for assistance