Work Order

Work Order

Fill out this form to create a work order for boat repairs, haul outs, or inspections.

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Terms and Conditions

1) I (Customer) authorize Danish Marine  (Danish) to perform the items in this Work Order on the boat listed above, and to provide all necessary materials.

2) I (Customer) am responsible for my boat and trailer suitability. Danish Marine will set yacht on Customer’s trailer. Customer indemnifies Danish Marine that the boat and trailer are suited. Customer shall properly secure the yacht, mast and trailer. If Danish is employed to modify trailer to fit boat, it does so at Customer’s direction. Customer accepts all work as accepted once the trailer is connected to the towing vehicle.

3) Danish and its employees may, at Customer’s risk, operate the boat for purposes of testing, inspection or delivery.

4) Customer has insurance coverage on the boat that will provide primary coverage in the event of any accident causing damage to the boat.

5) Danish will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the boat or articles left in the boat in case of fire, theft, accident, acts of nature or any other cause beyond Danish’s control.

6) All work necessary to remedy any defective Danish workmanship will be performed by Danish, at Danish.

7) Customer will notify Danish and Danish must approve in advance any subcontractors Customer hires to work on the boat in the Danish yard. Danish would need to be named as an additional insured on the subcontractors insurance policy, with a waiver of subrogation. Customer will be charged a $55.00 per day per subcontractor fee.

8) Customer will not perform work on the boat in the Danish yard, or allow anyone to do so who is not an insured subcontractor approved by Danish.

9) Charges for all work by Danish will be based on (time and materials as set out on the attached Danish Rate Schedule) (or an agreed price). All invoices are due and payable upon receipt of invoice. All invoices over 30 days past due will earn compound interest at 9%, compounded monthly.  All returned checks are subject to all bank charges plus a $25.00 returned check fee and or recovery fees, and or property seizure.

10) Storage charges of $4.25 per LOA ft (per day to 30 days) will accrue starting after work completion or work stoppage due to Customer’s failure to make timely payments, work instructions, provide an updated written work order, or to respond to necessary Change Orders.  (This is a charge for yard space for yachts that are not having work performed.  Rates double on and after the 31st calendar day.)

11) Any dispute related to this Work Order shall be arbitrated under the rules of the American Arbitration Association, or as otherwise agreed.

12) The prevailing party for any dispute related to this Work Order (as decided by the arbitrator) shall be entitled to attorney fees and costs pre-litigation, during trial, and on appeal.

13) This Work Order is the entire agreement between the parties for work on the boat, and may only be modified by another written and signed Work Order or a written instruction such as an email.

14) Notify Danish if your yacht is not winterized. If it is suspected that a boat is not winterized, Customer agrees to pay for such service and not rely on electrical heat. Our electrical power supply is not exempt from power outages.

15) Yachts over 40 feet (quad sling) and wooden boats will have special set-up fees for handling – typically by the hour.  $150.00 minimum charge each way.

16) Owner warrants that their boat can survive the lifting and launching processes required to hoist using the Travelift slinged lift.

17) Boats being launched must be seaworthy, sling hold time is by the hour in the case of wooden boats or boats that require inspections