Sea-Slide® Formula – A Danish Marine Exclusive

Sea-Slide® Formula is a polymer overcoat formulated to be slippery when wet, reducing the friction between hull, bottom, foil surfaces and water.

sea-slide-3bottlesSea-Slide Formula coating absorbs water but is not dissolved by water and uses a unique bonded inter-polymer complex to bind water to the hull. The coating is water-based polyurethane inter-polymer dispersion, which cures while drying to a durable, hydrophilic coating. It produces a surface with a low interfacial energy, which reduces the turbulence generated by a boat’s hull as it passes through water. Reduced turbulence means less hydrodynamic drag (the boat slides through the water with far less resistance) and therefore more speed using less fuel, or in the case of sail powered vessels, higher speeds in lighter winds.

sea-slide-hull-substrateSea-Slide Formula is easy to apply with a standard paint-brush, roller or spray gun and dries in 3 to 4 hours (above 50°F) to a hard, nearly invisible non-sticky film. Once submerged, the Sea-Slide coating takes on a slight milky appearance and becomes very slippery as the coating swells. Since the Sea-Slide coating absorbs a large amount of water, the interfacial energy between the coating and the surrounding water is lowered, leading to reduction in turbulence in the boundary layers near the ship’s hull.