Fittings and Finishes


First of all we have no agenda beyond timely, safe and honest repairs.

We listen to your repair goals, we strive to evaluate the best value that meets all your expectations.

Do you want to win the boat-of-the-year trophy? Sail around the world?  or…

Are you looking for a serviceable repair that gets you back on the water with bucks in your pocket?

Trust your dream to Danish Marine.

C.O.S. stands for Conditions of Satisfaction – the basic requirement of every successful Danish project.

Simply stated – every project is a blend of Cost, timeliness, and depth of perfection.

The age old adage is good, fast, or cheap, pick two. While sounding cavalier this approach has validity.

Our goal is to spend time during the work order preparation; discuss exactly what your expectations are, so that Danish Marine is able to create the service that meets your expectations.

Nothing more, nothing less.